Carzone International Ltd, a professional electronic technology company, is dedicated to IT promotion in enterprise, and Global Position System (GPS) and wireless mobile communication (GSM/GPRS), GPS tracking system, and Security monitoring system, with its unrivaled, proven solutions. We offer specialized information integration solutions: Enterprise-internal management system, Comprehensive wiring, System integration, etc, especially in GPS real-time tracking system. Carzone International Ltd, the premier worldwide provider of wireless tracking and recovery systems for mobile assets, is the leader in the global intelligent tracking system. For example, construction and management of vehicle tracking centre, special vehicles (taxies, securicars, construction vehicles, police cars, tourist cars, etc.), employee checking attendance, elders and kids protection and rescue, precious assets tracking and so on. With real-time tracking system, clients can receive best professional tracking and location service.


Carzone International Ltd was registered in the year 2008, under the Company Registration Act, with the vision of being the leading one stop fleet management and transport logistics service provider.


To provide professional and innovative, client oriented, fleet management and transport logistics solutions that enhance safety and savings; reflect on quality and excellence in service delivery and customer care.


To become the leading fleet management and transport logistics solutions provider in Kenya and the immediate region by providing unparalleled service. We are a company managed by a very youthful team of professionals. We not only have the drive and capacity to deliver on articulated promises to our clientele, but do so to our clients’ specifications and satisfaction. Our array of services is designed to fill the void that is currently in the transport industry both locally and internationally. We aim at providing solutions to our clients that are cost effective and assist them in the achievement of their fundamental objectives. By employing a combination of technology, expertise, drive and passion in the achievement of our mission and vision, we are able to supersede clients’ expectations in service delivery. Our core objective is ensure client satisfaction and contentment before, during and after procuring our service

We have a wide of variety of satisfied clients from the finance sectors, security sector, several corporate and many individual clients.
At Carzone we prize and value EACH one of our clients.