WEB BASED TRACKING DEVICE Our web based tracking devices combine GPS and GSM/GPRS modules with other ireless communication technologies for real time tracking. A vehicle equipped with this unit receives signals from the GPS satellites. The GPS receiver determines its current location, speed and direction in which the vehicle is heading. This data can be stored or can be directly transmitted to an operating centre. Current position can be displayed on a PC in digital maps i.e. Google Earth or Google Maps. Automatic Vehicle Location is based on GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Global standard of mobile communication). The current position can also be retrieved using a cell phone for convenience. The unit has the following main functions and features:

+ Track on Demand
+ Track by Time Interval:
+ One of the smallest tracking gadget in the world
+ In built power – run between 2-5 days if external battery is disconnected or low.
+ Stores up to 6000 GPS fixes- incase GSM network is not available.
+ Can withstand temperatures between -30 to +60 degrees.
+ Picks any GSM network available.
+ Remotely updated system.
+ 100% web-based on phone or PC
+ Simple, password –secured access-from anywhere there is internet.
+ No software installation- quick & discrete installation
+ Covers all fleet types including motorbikes.
+ Panic button & vehicle / motorcycle immobilization.
+ Comprehensive reports – up to 3 months history.
+ Report scheduling – simplifies work for managers
+ Live Real time live tracking of your fleet.
+ Geo- fencing capabilities.
+ World wide coverage- no regional boundaries
+ View vehicle speeds and actual directions
+ Track thousands of vehicles at once – your business won’t out-grow our system.
+ Multi- user hierarchical viewing. Compatible with the hardware, we have platforms that are suitable for every type of client be in the one with a single vehicle, a few vehicles or thousands of vehicles.

We are also committed to ensuring each one of our clients is satisfied with the product they have.